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Entrepreneur Synergy Solutions

Providing innovative, synergistic, business services including business planning, administrative support, virtual administration, consulting, coaching, digital marketing, video marketing, web design, social media management, financial services, and franchise development services.


Skills and Experience

Over 30 years experience in business management and technical support service, 20 years of experience establishing successful entrepreneur collaborative networks, business planning, new business start ups, development, consulting and coaching business entrepreneurs, with scalable franchise business models.

Entrepreneurs – risk-taking business persons: people who initiate and or finance new commercial enterprises.



To revolutionize and empower small and midsize business owners with the innovative business solutions and synergy they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

JP LOGAN and Associates
is an aggressive group of trailblazing business
leaders who “Adapt & Overcome”, who are on the
cutting edge of technology, and charismatic wealth
producing, venture capital initiatives, while
assembling exceptional entrepreneurial networks.


Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, comprehensive business support services that leverage the latest technology, helping our clients streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and boost profitability.

What Makes JP LOGAN Synergy Solutions Unique?

Innovative Solutions and Comprehensive Services: JP LOGAN and Associates Synergy Solutions offers a wide range of services, including business planning, administrative support, virtual administration, consulting, coaching, digital marketing, video marketing, web design, social media management, financial services, and franchise development. This makes it a one-stop-shop for small to midsize business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals, who can benefit from having all their needs met in one place.


1. full of foresight: characterized by unusually acute foresight and imagination
2. imaginary: produced by, resulting from, or originating in the imagination
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Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can offer numerous advantages such as being your own boss, setting your own schedule and making a living doing something you enjoy. But, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires thorough planning, creativity and hard work. Consider whether you have the following characteristics and skills commonly associated with successful entrepreneurs:

  • Comfortable with taking risks: Being your own boss also means you’re the one making tough decisions. Entrepreneurship involves uncertainty. Do you avoid uncertainty in life at all costs? If yes, then entrepreneurship may not be the best fit for you. Do you enjoy the thrill of taking calculated risks? Then read on.
  • Independent: Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of decisions on their own. If you find you can trust your instincts — and you’re not afraid of rejection every now and then — you could be on your way to being an entrepreneur.
  • Persuasive: You may have the greatest idea in the world, but if you cannot persuade customers, employees and potential lenders or partners, you may find entrepreneurship to be challenging. If you enjoy public speaking, engage new people with ease and find you make compelling arguments grounded in facts, it’s likely you’re poised to make your idea succeed.
  • Able to negotiate: As a small business owner, you will need to negotiate everything from leases to contract terms to rates. Polished negotiation skills will help you save money and keep your business running smoothly.
  • Creative: Are you able to think of new ideas? Can you imagine new ways to solve problems? Entrepreneurs must be able to think creatively. If you have insights on how to take advantage of new opportunities, entrepreneurship may be a good fit. 
  • Supported by others: Before you start a business, it’s important to have a strong support system in place. You’ll be forced to make many important decisions, especially in the first months of opening your business. If you do not have a support network of people to help you, consider finding a business mentor. A business mentor is someone who is experienced, successful and willing to provide advice and guidance. Read the Steps to Finding a Mentor article for help on finding and working with a mentor. VIA SBA Official Website

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