Motivation #Success How to achieve your #goals faster


“I want to be wealthy…” “I want to travel the world and learn more languages…”
“I want to lose 10 lbs. this year.”
We’ve all dreamed of these lofty goals in life at one point or another.

Setting goals is an essential technique to  accomplishing what we truly want in our lives, and more importantly —living a more fulfilling life. And the importance of goal setting is only increasing as our ability to focus continues to diminish with the rise of new media and technology.

“Setting Goals In Life Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible.”
— Tony Robbins

If you’re truly committed to achieving your most important goals, whether it’s to learn a new language, lose 10lbs, start your own business, it all starts with this…

1. Know What You Really Want

“Decide What You Want, Decide What You Are Willing To Exchange For It.
Establish Your Priorities And Go To Work.” —H. L. Hunt

One day, Warren Buffett was having a long conversation with his pilot.

After realizing that his pilot has been working with him for quite some time, Warren decided to perform a goal setting exercise with him.

He first started by asking his pilot to list 25 goals in life he’d like to achieve in the next five years.

Go nuts

We’re going to borrow Warren’s strategy by starting to list all the possible goals and dreams you have for your life in the next five years.

Go nuts. The bigger the dream, the better. And feel free to list more than 25 if you’re feeling ambitious.

Domino effect

After a few hours, his pilot came back to him with his list of 25 goals he’d like to accomplish.

Then Warren told his pilot to narrow that list down to only five goals.

His pilot hesitantly responded, “but these are all important to me… that’s why I wrote them down.” Yet Warren persisted and told him he could only pick five.

When his pilot returned with his five goals, Warren surprised him by responding: “Okay, do you see the 20 goals that you haven’t circled? This is now your ‘avoid-at-all-cost’ list.”

The takeaway lesson from the mindset of this billionaire is:focus is essential.

It’s better to focus on five important goals that we can fully accomplish well, rather than 25 goals we perform mediocrely.

In the book The ONE Thing, the author Gary Keller states that you can ask yourself this simple question to narrow down your goals:

“What is the ONE Thing I can accomplish [from this list], so that if I accomplish it, everything else will become easier orunnecessary.”

Keller refers to this technique as the Domino Effect.

“If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Will Not Catch Either One.”

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