Business Services


Business Services

Business Services by JP LOGAN and Associates 

Providing innovative, business services including: 
•    business planning, 
•    software services, 
•    training services, 
•    event planning services 
•    consulting services, 
•    administrative support services, 
•    virtual administration, 
•    consulting services, 
•    coaching services, 
•    digital marketing services, 
•    video marketing services, 
•    web design services, 
•    social media management services, 
•    financial services, marketing services, 
•    affiliate marketing services, 
•    construction services, 
•    health and wellness services, 
•    insurance services, 
•    private security services, 
•    real estate services, 
•    private investigation services, 
•    travel services, 
•    research and development services, 
•    graphics design services, 
•    executive transportation services, 
•    private car and driver services, 
•    maintenance and repair services, 
•    landscaping services, tech support services, 
•    bookkeeping services, 
•    video and photography services, 
•    public relations services, 
•    franchise consulting services, 
•    franchise sales services, 
•    business for sale services, 
•    and franchise development services. 

Business Services By JP LOGAN and Associates


We are a leading provider of innovative business services designed to help your company thrive. With a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, we are your trusted partner in achieving your business goals.

Maximize Your Potential


With our services, you can tap into new opportunities, improve efficiency, and maximize your business potential.