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“The Game Changers”:

  • Revolutionary Entrepreneurs,          

  • Business Franchise Developers,

  • Transformational Wealth Innovators,

  • Intrinsic Wealth Empowerment,

  • Peak Performance Strategists

  • Real Estate and Investments Services

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JP LOGAN Coaching and Consulting Organization

Successfully supporting multiple entrepreneurial endeavors for profit and not for profit businesses in the Washington DC Area, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, the Carolina’s, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and California.

The Team has provided funding, strategic development and support services that have generated Millions of dollars in revenue through business and partnerships across the country.

We are passionate about impacting, empowering, and equipping visionary entrepreneur Agents of Change, with the tools and resources necessary to execute their missions in manifesting their business dreams and aspirations. & Associates — in Washington, DC.

JP LOGAN Revolutionary

JP LOGAN #Revolutionary #Motivational #GameChanger and Associates – A Force of Business, Economic, and Social Change Agents! International Asset Acquisition Specialists, Whatever it is WE get it done!

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JP LOGAN Coaching and Consulting Organization:

Our Global Business Network is an aggressive group of trailblazing business leaders who “Adapt & Overcome”, who are on the cutting edge of technology, and charismatic wealth producing, venture capital projects, while assembling exceptional entrepreneurial networks. If you are a business owner and would like to become a part of our network or if you have a business project that you are seeking investors for, or even if you just have a business concept or idea and need support getting started. We are here for you. Feel free to visit our contact page and provide your name and contact information with a brief description of your business and a representative will contact you for further discussion



JP LOGAN Wealth Innovator

Services Provided By and Associates


Business Coaching JP LOGAN

Business Coaching

JP Logan and Associates Business Coaching Team offers a variety of interactive training programs customized to your industry. Our sales training techniques include proven sales coaching methods and practical strategies that lead to successful outcomes. READ MORE

Time Management Coaching

JP LOGAN and Associates Business Coaching Time Management training course is one of the most popular and effective training courses. You will learn effective time management strategies such as goal setting, task prioritization, and how to overcome procrastination.

We offer a variety of corporate training programs. Our Time Management program is designed to be delivered independently, or to complement any of our other Business Coaching programs. They are all fast paced, exciting and challenging, filled with excellent tools and systems designed to improve your skills and achievements. READ MORE

Life Coaching


Life Coaching by JP LOGAN is a leading provider of quality Life Coaching Services.

With years of experience we specialize in the following:

* Personal growth coaching

* Executive and Business Results

* Wellness Coaching

* Relationship Coaching

* Psychotherapy

Our professional teams of Life Coaches work with individuals, couples and groups to help them move successfully and gracefully into their new way of living and believing. Our programs are designed to integrate your new choices as quickly as possible. READ MORE

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