Google Glass Can Revolutionize Washington DC Business


Google Glass and  Social Driver, a District-based digital agency, is quite bullish on the Google Glass and its potential impacts. Next week, the agency – a member of the exclusive Glass Explorer program and Glass developer – is holding an open house to showcase game-changing uses of the Glass. From 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. Thursday March 6, CEO Thomas Sanchez will invite the public in to show how his firm has seen innovation…

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Exploring The Capabilities Of Google Glass


By Billy Mitchell Staff Writer from InTheCapital As developers begin exploring the capabilities of Google Glass, it’s becoming apparent that this is completely uncharted territory. After all, Google hasn’t even released the device to the consumer market yet. Nevertheless, many developers – locally, think APX Labs, Silica Labs and Brivo Labs – are bullish on the Glass as the future of wearable technology. So, Google decided it’d be best to give them some…

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