#HappeningNow #Psychology: How people judge your personality

1. How clean and tidy you keep your home

A recent British study found that it takes just 26 seconds for visitors to make judgments about you based on the state of your home.

Apparently, people judge first with their nose: The scent of your home is the biggest factor in a positive impression. (We should mention that the study was sponsored by AirWick.)

Next is how cluttered the space is — people notice shoes and coats scattered about and piles of unopened mail.

2. Your selfie style

Research suggests that people will assume a lot about you based on your selfies.

Usually, those assumptions are inaccurate — for example, being alone in a photo does not mean you’re neurotic — but people are probably right to think that positive emotion in a selfie predicts openness to experience.

3. Your taste in music

Quora user Humaira Siddiqui says she judges people based on the type of music they listen to, citing a 2003 study on the topic.

The study found that people who listen to “reflective and complex” music tend to be open to new experiences and politically liberal. Those who listen to “upbeat and conventional” jams are generally extroverted and athletic.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-people-judge-your-personality-2015-9#ixzz3l7T7Sr32

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