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Venture Capital Concierge,

Life and Business Strategist,

Legacy Engineering, Branding,

and Passive Wealth Innovations.

Active Clients, Partnerships, and Ventures:

Metro Washington DC Real Estate Services and Investments

Peak Performance Strategist for Life and Business

Venture Capital Entrepreneur Business Academy

Nonprofit Business and Economic Development Academy

Strategic Development and Implementation Support for Start Up Entrepreneurs, Small Business, and Fortune 500

Business IT Support Services

Web Hosting, Design, Live Stream, TV, Pay for View Provider

Virtual Office and Hosted Telecommunications Reception Services

Event Promotions, Audio\Video Services Live Broadcasting

Residential Landscaping Service Providers

Moving and Relocation Service Providers

Global Affiliate Network Marketing

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Online Personal and Business Branding

Real Estate Training Academy

Artist Development and Management Company

Executive Protection and Private Investigation Services

JP LOGAN Wealth Engineer

"What's in you, is more than enough to conquer what's on you! ~ JP LOGAN


Revolutionary Passive Wealth Engineer:

“Synergizing Your Mission

with Dominance in Your Market Place”


"Destiny never calls at an opportune time, however you must always be prepared to answer!"  ~ JP LOGAN

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JP LOGAN Venture Capital Concierge