Make Your Small #Business Seem Like A Big Business #MillionaireMindJPLOGAN

Inside every small business owner is a corporate giant just waiting to get out. Just because you own a small business, it doesn’t mean that it has to seem like […]

#Motivate Yourself in 10 Easy Steps #Business #Success #Motivation

According to a growing body of academic evidence, the divide is not some unchangeable character trait; it’s our habit, and habits are flexible. To get insight into what actually works, […]

#TV: #Television Is Now Watching You

This sci-fi-esque possibility may be technically achievable, thanks to software developed by a media startup called Affectiva. Researchers used viewers’ home webcams to monitor the facial movements of more than […]

#Business #SelfImprovement #HappeningNow 10 Crucial Skills That’ll Help You Make A Mark In The Future

Critical thinking Critical thinking is an important skill that can help you crack the toughest problems in your life. This will become crucial in the future, mainly because by then […]


Exploring The Capabilities Of Google Glass

By Billy Mitchell Staff Writer from InTheCapital As developers begin exploring the capabilities of Google Glass, it’s becoming apparent that this is completely uncharted territory. After all, Google hasn’t even released the device […]

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