#Psychology #Love: A psychologist states ‘the single biggest predictor of human #happiness’ #HappeningNow

#Psychology #Love:A psychologist states ‘the single biggest predictor of human happiness’ #HappeningNow "As we started persuading people we ought to study [love]," Aron told Tech Insider, researchers began to find something remarkable: "The single biggest predictor of human happiness is the quality of [a person’s] relationships." That’s no trivial finding, with potentially huge implications for health and well-being. Several years ago, a major review on the topic concluded that "people with stronger social relationships had a 50% increased likelihood of survival [compared to] those with weaker social relationships." The idea…

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Be #Successful In Work And Life #HappeningNow


The Only Two Rules You Need To Know To Be Successful In Work And Life Staying focused on the right things can make all the difference. Here’s how it works: 1. Physical: An improvement in physical health could mean anything from better eating, sleeping, or exercising habits. According to Altucher, your body is the average of the five things that you eat. If you’re eating junk food, your body is made of junk. If your unhealthy habits are making you ill or keeping you weak, you’re not going to have…

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#HappeningNow #Psychology: How people judge your personality

#HappeningNow #Psychology: How people judge your personality 1. How clean and tidy you keep your home A recent British study found that it takes just 26 seconds for visitors to make judgments about you based on the state of your home. Apparently, people judge first with their nose: The scent of your home is the biggest factor in a positive impression. (We should mention that the study was sponsored by AirWick.) Next is how cluttered the space is — people notice shoes and coats scattered about and piles of unopened…

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